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Your Path of Spiritual Evolution is here...There are no limits to the possibilities of you!You are an Eternal Being

Your Path of Spiritual Evolution is here...

Step forward and live your life ALIVE!

There are no limits to the possibilities of you!

Explore the unknown you-niverse.

You are an Eternal Being

You have never been born and therefore, you shall never die.

MMS and Lineage

Metaphysical Academy is an affiliate and representative of the Modern Mystery School, the headquarters of which is located in Toronto, ON for Western world and Tokyo, Japan in Eastern world.  We are proud to work directly with MMS and share

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Who am I?


Megan Davenport is the founder and owner of Metaphysical Academy LLC and has been studying metaphysics and spiritual development/evolution for over a

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Heal Thyself

DNA 4It is a necessary part of Spiritual Evolution and personal discovery that we receive the proper healing’s to move forward on

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Remember Thyself

initiationThe Empower Thyself Program is a two day class centered on the answer to the question Who am I. 

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New posts are being made every month!  Great information on my own personal discovery and also greater theory on concepts and ideas about topics like Know Thyself and the greater mysteries of LIFE!  Will also be adding great links, information, Read more »


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